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Spectra Pro 1.1.6 – WordPress Page Builder

Spectra Pro 1.1.6 - WordPress Page Builder

Spectra Pro (formerly The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg) is a WordPress page builder that works on top of the default block editor. Spectra makes the default block editor much faster and more extensive in features and functionality.

Demo Spectra Pro WordPress Plugin

Spectra Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Super Fast and Stable
    Spectra works with the native WordPress editor with no dependency on external code. So, it is fast and stable.
  • Secure and Integrated
    Clean code written using the latest standards to maximize security and work flawlessly with any WordPress plugin.
  • Native WordPress Interface
    Spectra Integrates into the same WordPress editor that you are already familiar with, making it super intuitive website builder.
  • Choose a Template
    Pick from over 100 pre-built websites or page templates and import any one of them with a single click.
  • Customize & Personalize
    Customize your templates with complete design freedom to build and personalize your website with Spectra.
  • Publish & Go Live!
    Once you are done editing and customizing your website, you are ready to go live in minutes!
  • Google Will Love and Rank
    Score 100% in CWV and boost SEO. Clean code output and lightning-fast load times keep visitors and search engines happy.
  • Lightning Fast Editor
    Get rid of the frustration that comes with slow page builders. Create websites with the lightning-fast WordPress editor.
  • Zero Bloat, No Dependencies
    Fewer external scripts and file dependencies keep the code clean, resulting in small file sizes and faster loading times.
  • Fast Loading Fonts
    Load fonts faster and improve page load times by installing Google Fonts on your web host alongside your website.
  • Just-in-time Compiler
    The JIT markup compiler loads assets dynamically on demand. Assets are loaded for only those blocks that are used on a page.
  • Modern React Framework
    Spectra components are powered with the revolutionary React framework that makes it faster and more efficient than others.
  • Just-in-time Assets
    Spectra assembles the required assets only when a block is used on a page. Experience super-fast editing!
  • Advanced Web Creation
    Spectra gives you advanced website design options not available with the default WordPress block editor.
  • Organized Block Settings
    Organized navigation and collapsable tabs in block settings offer a faster editing experience and better usability.
  • Typography & Colors
    Complete control over changing the typography and colors across your website.
  • Flexbox Containers
    Use flexbox containers to design responsive websites easily without touching code.
  • 28 Creative & Unique Blocks
    Spectra has a library of unique and creative blocks to build any kind of website faster.
  • Customize Anything
    Design websites as you want with detailed customization options and endless flexibility you get for all the blocks.
  • One-click Block Presets
    Design made faster with ready-to-use block presets that can be selected and used anywhere.
  • Copy Paste Styles
    Maintain design consistency by copying block styles that can be pasted anywhere on the website.

Download Spectra Pro WordPress Plugin

Note: If you are having trouble with Free Spectra Pro WordPress Plugin, try to disable AdBlock for the site or try another web browser. Please scan virus or malware before using.


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