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AnalyticsWP 1.7.0 – WordPress Analytics Plugin

AnalyticsWP 1.7.0 - WordPress Analytics Plugin

AnalyticsWP Nulled is the best analytics plugin for WordPress. It works instantly on any WordPress site. You’ll feel as if you’ve been blind and now you can see.

Demo AnalyticsWP Plugin

AnalyticsWP Plugin Features

  • Ad-blocker resistant
    Nowadays, many extensions and browsers completely block most analytics tools. Not this one.
  • First-party tracking
    AnalyticsWP was built from the ground up to work without any 3rd party cookies or scripts.
  • Journey merging
    Users switching devices will have all their events on your site merged into one journey.
  • 20%+ more data than GA
    Compared to Google Analytics, AnalyticsWP shows at least 20% more events across all our sites.
  • Anonymous Journeys
    Not all users sign in, but their actions speak volumes, even for content-only sites.
  • Identified Journeys
    AnalyticsWP will merge all events into one journey when a user logs in – even across multiple devices.
  • Conversion Journeys
    Capture the full WooCommerce conversion journey, from first interest to final sale and beyond.
  • Every person, ever
    See every person who has ever visited your site in one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Instantly works
    With one-click installation, AnalyticsWP is up and running the moment you activate it. There’s no setup or coding required.
  • Secure & private
    All the data stays on your site and server, and it never gets sent to anyone else – not even us.
  • Incredibly efficient
    AnalyticsWP is built for performance. It won’t slow down your site at all and loads only a tiny script (1.4kB).
  • Intuitively designed
    No one likes having to log into yet another tool. AnalyticsWP blends right into your existing WordPress admin screens.
  • Customer activity
    Visualize the conversion process. Discover the steps your customers take before purchasing, and use these insights however you’d like.
  • Order Source
    Unveil the origin of every order. See referral sources driving your sales, from organic searches to paid campaigns.
  • Intuitively Integrated
    As an admin, you’ll see the analytics exactly where you expect it: on the WooCommerce order screens, tables, and emails.Not using WooCommerce?
    That’s perfectly fine! The majority of sites running AnalyticsWP don’t use WooCommerce. These are just extra features that come included.

Download AnalyticsWP Plugin

Note: If you are having trouble with AnalyticsWP Plugin Nulled Free Download Latest Update, try to disable AD blocking for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.

Download AnalyticsWP Plugin


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