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Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder 1.4.2

Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder 1.4.2

Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder. Supercharge your WordPress website with add-ons like Video and Parallax Background, Carousel Anything, Text Animation, and more. Get ALL our addons inside a single addon!. Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder gives you the best collection of our most finely tuned design elements and tools that will supercharge your WPBakery Page Builder experience.

Demo Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder Features

  • Option to set parallax direction to up, down, left or right
  • Add color overlays to your backgrounds
  • Just copy and paste a Youtube or Vimeo link to turn it into a background
  • Simply upload any image and we’ll make it tilt and move upon hover
  • Color cycle background overlay
  • Adjust the color cycle’s speed so it moves fast or slow
  • You can use different background effects and combine them
  • 70+ customizable, high-quality SVG row separator designs
  • Top & bottom separators
  • Scale separators vertically and flip them horizontally
  • Add outlines and adjust their color and thickness
  • Option to add your own SVG row separator designs
  • 13 Entrance Animations
  • 14 Exit Animations
  • Handles existing WPBakery Page Builder’s Row Settings
  • Pure Javascript is used for speed, no jQuery
  • Disables in mobile devices for faster page loading
  • YouTube, Vimeo or Self-Hosted WEBM & MP4 video popups
  • Use image or video thumbnails
  • Large fullscreen-size video lightbox
  • Animates SVGs using a “live drawing” effect
  • Converts SVGs into outlines
  • Change SVG stroke / outline color and thickness
  • Choose from 3 different drawing animation styles: Delayed, Simultaneous, and One by One
  • 6 unique text effects
  • Input different words and add timing for text appearances
  • Add multiple effects in a single page
  • Adjust text color, size, and more
  • Simple and easy to use animated count up number
  • Add a heading and description
  • Change font size and color of the count up
  • Change font size and color of headings and descriptions
  • Add prefixes and suffixes like decimals, percentage signs or currency symbols
  • Over 12,000 SVG icons
  • Option to add links to icons and/or place icons in buttons
  • Customizable background shapes & outline styles for all icons
  • Option to add animated effects your icons
  • Place any element into carousel, like text, photos, videos, and also;
  • Testimonials, mockups, icons, widgets—anything.
  • Create carousel for posts or custom post types with 2 preset styles: plain and one that uses the featured image as the background
  • All 800+ Google Fonts readily available at your WordPress backend
  • Preview of all fonts while picking
  • No limits from external themes or plugins
  • Wrap images and videos in phone, laptop, browser, and desktop mockups
  • 40+ High-Resolution device mockups to choose from
  • Apple (iPhone, Macbook, and more), Samsung, and HTC mockups available in different colors
  • Simply upload images or input video id from Youtube & Vimeo to place in a mockup
  • Option to show only partial mockups for layout effects
  • 30 beautiful, interactive designs
  • Fast and hyper-smooth CSS animations
  • Option to add single hero box or gallery of hero boxes
  • Add color or tint to hero boxes
  • Interactive; drag along your image to magnify
  • Choose from click-and-drag or hover
  • Choose between circular or square loupes
  • Customizable size, color, opacity and thickness
  • Add shadows or shining effects to your loupe
  • Add differently-styled loupes on your page
  • Perfect for showcasing “Before & After” images for redesign or make-over scenarios
  • Supports vertical and horizontal splits, and also diagonal or angular splits—a first for WPBakery Page Builder image sliders
  • Option to slide via hover, click & drag or scroll bar
  • Adjust slider color and width
  • Set starting point for slider
  • Mix and match your chosen settings
  • 10 isometric layouts: squares, squares arrow, rectangles, rectangles arrow, single square, squares layered, and more
  • Hoverable & clickable
  • Option to add links to your tiles
  • Change your tilt angle, side colors, tile size, gaps, and more
  • Auto-resize images to fit in tiles
  • Break out parent containers and span the full page width
  • 40 CSS Entrance Animations
  • 7 CSS Loop Animations
  • Animate single or multiple elements
  • Adjustable animation duration & delays
  • Option to hain animations together
  • Add delays and time your animations
  • Includes full detailed fields
  • 10+ row background hover animations
  • 8+ element hover animations
  • Change text color, fade in, fade out, move up, down, left, right, shrink or grow
  • Option to turn your whole row into a link
  • Customizable: tweak different animation properties like opacity and tilt amount
  • Search free images from Unsplash, Flickr, Pixabay. Giphy, and 500px
  • Integrates directly into the WordPress Media Manager
  • Automatic attributions when used as featured images
  • Filter for non-commercial/commercial/no-attribution images
  • Shows detailed information about each photo
  • Shows badges of different license requirements
  • Live preview of your page in WPBakery Page Builder’s backend editor
  • Preview updates with every change you perform
  • Renders shortcodes even from third-party WPBakery Page Builder addons without any problems
  • Integrates directly with WPBakery Page Builder’s full screen backend mode
  • No additional configuration
  • Toggle between desktop, tablet, and phone screen resolutions
  • Easy to access undo and redo buttons
  • Easy-access shortcut keys: Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y for Windows, and Cmd + Z or Cmd + Shift + Z for Mac
  • Still available even after publishing/saving/reloading the page
  • Shortcut keys all work as long as your cursor is focused on the window
  • Browser-saved undo/redo history
  • Smooth scrolls other scrollable elements like text areas and divs
  • Disables itself automatically on mobile devices for faster experience
  • Works with trackpads
  • Normalized scroll amount across all browsers

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Note: If you are having trouble with Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder free download, try to disable AdBlock for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.

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